From Reads to Leads

11 Principles of Writing Content People Will Read And Respond To

+ 40 writing exercises to ramp up your writing skills

A book for copywriters who think like marketers and write like authors. And for their managers, curious why they're not making as many leads with their content as they know they should.

From Reads To Leads
Connect with your audience
Keep your readers interested
Gain credibility and earn trust
Develop leads with your content

Most books on content marketing offer little new; research your audience, write good content, promote it. But Kateryna's "From Reads to Leads" is refreshingly different, offering a true roadmap to succeeding with content, from developing outlines to structuring your content the right way and writing to elicit a response (the whole point of content marketing). This is truly a book I will refer to time and time again, whenever I need to write a content piece.

Robin Parker

Write content that people will read

Content has a clear role in the marketing process. It must aid the customer journey by moving readers from one stage of awareness to the next until they become leads. In other words, content develops leads. If your content is going to fulfill its duty—to turn readers into leads—people need to actually read it. So how can you write content that people will read?

Target the right reader
Solve an existing problem
Offer better value than other content on the same topic
Show this value to the reader in a simple and clear way

From Reads To Leads teaches you how.

11 principles of writing content that moves the sales needle

From Reads To Leads talks about 11 principles that define how a content writer writes every draft. Applying these principles to your writing will help you grab the right person’s attention, get your message across, and move your reader down the marketing funnel. 
Content is for the reader
Some effective approaches to understanding what your readers need and how to write content that appeals to them.
Getting a response is the whole point of writing
How to get the desired response from your readers and move them down the marketing funnel.
Have a message and make a point
How to figure out and communicate your key message and how to use it to take readers to the next stage of their journey.
Structure lets people understand the world
How to creatively turn your content into a story with a three-act structure.
Your outline must sell the draft
Eight easy steps to write an outline that focuses your writing and kills your procrastination.
Clarity helps you convey meaning
What exactly makes writing clear and simple — a must-have ingredient for content that sells.
Style is how you express your brand
How to express your brand’s personality and make your writing recognizable.
Formatting is what your words look like
What makes content readable, and how to get your readers to stay with you till the end. 
Self-edit with the right attitude
The most important rule of editing.
Collaboration requires accountability
The writer’s role in the content writing process, and how you should approach content collaborations.
Critique makes you a better writer
How you should react when your work is ripped to shreds.

I think overall, the book is a goldmine. It's easily the best content writing book I've ever read (and I've read a lot). I'll always use this book as my reference.

Juls Macalintal

From Reads to Leads is a roadmap to succeeding with content

This book equips you with the skills you need to write content that makes readers act instead of writing content that sits on a server and gathers dust. It helps you do the following three things:

Figure out what you want to say
Turn it into what your audience wants to read
Plan what your readers should do next

What people think about From Reads To Leads


Kateryna has an abundance of knowledge that content writers need, especially when starting out. From Reads To Leads covers the structure, outline and formatting of content creation. It shows you how to edit your content and even discusses collaboration with others regarding your content.
One of the best parts of the book is that it’s interactive. At each chapter there are writing exercises you perform to better understand her teachings and to get the ball rolling on your learning. You can clearly read she cares deeply for her “readers” and why the book From Reads To Leads was created.
If you are a writer, marketer, website owner, or learning in these fields I would definitely recommend this book. I used this book to teach my employees about content marketing and they’ve learned an invaluable skill to my company.

Parker Chhatwal

I have been a B2B and B2C content creator for over three decades and have seen a drastic shift in what is considered to be ‘good’ content. As an old-school style writer, it’s often hard to let go of past conceptions around what makes for a good read. Kateryna Abrosymova’s From Reads to Leads is extremely well conceptualised and written. It provides those who are new to content creation and those who have been around the writing block a few times, with a logically crafted and meaningful toolbox for writing content that attracts readers and drives them down the marketing funnel to a desirable action (contacting your company or buying your products/services). Whether you are a career content creator or just want to use the advice to enhance your current capabilities, this is a great addition to your business library.

Allyson Koekhoven

The intro got me hooked up! I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I find it very very useful to me, and I love how every chapter starts with a story – I know why that has the purpose of engaging the reader to continue reading, and I can tell you it fully meets the goat 100% with me.
Whenever I finish a chapter and I shily start next with the aim to leave it there, I end up reading the whole chapter without aiming – that happens only with good books!  Or I leave it when my eyes are closing... just like now. Good work and a very thorough analysis of how content writing should be done. It shed some lights for me :-)

Anju Queralt

I was going to skim the book and form an opinion fast but couldn't stop myself from doing exercises, reading chapters multiple times and taking notes.
I feel I'm the perfect audience of the book that found it at just the right time. Two years ago I wouldn't pay much attention to the book, but today everything clicks together as I read, and I feel a sense of relief.
The size and the structure of chapters are really good, short and engaging, you can't put the book down until you finish one.

Dana Yatsenko

So I finally read your book and honestly, it was AMAZING!
Loved the range of topics that were covered and the progression fit nicely with the overall structure of the content, going from big picture ideas like brand and style down to nitty gritty tactics like phrases.
Personally learnt a lot and I plan on continuosly coming back to your book to improve my writing.
I think the structure, language and the tips are really helpful and makes for a really good read.
It's very accessible and easy to understand 😃👌

Arqam M.

Most books on content marketing offer little new ; research your audience, write good content, promote it. But Kateryna's "From Reads to Leads" is refreshingly different , offering a true roadmap to succeeding with content, from developing outlines, to structuring your content the right way and writing to elicit a response (the whole point of content marketing). This is truly a book I will refer to time and time again, whenever I need to write a content piece.

Robin Porter

About the author

Kateryna Abrosymova, the author of the book From Reads To Leads
Over the past seven years, I’ve written hundreds of articles for technology blogs and plenty of copy for software company websites. I’ve coached dozens of content writers and managed several marketing teams. I’ve built successful content-driven B2B lead generation strategies and achieved outstanding results in the highly competitive software development industry.

Currently, I am the content manager at Kaiiax, a marketing consulting agency I co-founded that helps software companies develop content operations and acquire leads using content marketing.

I like doing yoga, taking walks along the seaside, and visiting art galleries.
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