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From Reads To Leads:

11 Principles of Writing Content People Will Read And Respond To

A treasure trove of insights and advice on copywriting, the book provides a roadmap to succeeding with content, from understanding the reader to structuring your content and writing to elicit a response. Plus, it has a bunch of exercises to practice your writing skills.

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Free resources

Free resources for writers

The Good Stuff section on my website is where you can pick out words for effective copy and grab templates for drafting content strategies.

Make sure you bookmark the pages on the left so you never lose them!

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Writing exercises

Exercises to pump up your writing muscles

My book "From Reads To Leads" contains 40 writing exercises to help you self-check knowledge after reading each chapter. I've put all these exercises online so you could post your answers in the comments and get feedback from other writers.

Try my exercises
Put copywriting formulas to use

How do you communicate a message using AIDA, PAS, PPPP, and more?

Spice titles with power words

How do you rewrite article titles using power words that trigger emotions?

Use different types of tone

How do you communicate the same message in three different ways?