Self-paced video course

How to Write…and Design(!) a Sales Page

Find the sweet spot between what you do best, what your audience values most, and what your competitors fail to deliver. Bring it all together with a custom-designed sales page using the intuitive Webflow platform.

Course Overview

Let me tell you a secret about why many copywriters have difficulty creating high-converting sales pages. They miss the two most important things. First, they don't know their audience. Second, they don't know their offer. In this self-paced video course, you will learn how to master both of these crucial elements, enabling you to create compelling and persuasive sales pages that drive conversions. 

This course will teach you how to craft sales pages that convert for any product or service.

  • Step-by-step guidance and practical examples

  • Experience-backed copywriting advice

  • Copywriting templates and formulas

  • Frameworks for messaging discovery

  • Live copywriting and design tutorials

  • Video trascripts

  • A bonus section: sales page teardown

Course Contents

5 modules | 33 lessons
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Module 1: Audience
  1. 3 Guiding Principles

  2. The Golden Rule

  3. What Demographics Can Tell You

  4. Your Audience's Goals

  5. Jobs To Be Done

  6. 5 Decision-Making Styles

  7. Stereotypical Clues

  8. States of Awareness

  9. Problem vs Solution-Aware Copy

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Module 2: Messaging discovery
  1. Time to Delve Deeper

  2. Mine Customer Reviews

  3. Conduct Interviews

  4. Send Surveys

  5. More Message Hunting

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Module 3: Product
  1. Figure Out Your Offer

  2. How to Audit Your Competitors

  3. Features vs Benefits

  4. Document Features & Benefits

  5. Live Documenting

  6. One-Liner for Value Prop

  7. Proofs to Address Objections

  8. Brand Perceptions

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Module 4: Writing
  1. Deliver the Right Messaging

  2. Sales Page Goals

  3. Ditch the Standardized Mindset

  4. Outline of the Sales Page

  5. Live Copywriting

  6. Tips to Keep in Mind

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Module 5: Design
  1. Let's Get Creative: Designing Sales Pages with Nadya!

  2. Exploring Kate's Vision: Crafting a Boutique-Style Agency Look

  3. Building Your First Website Draft

  4. Mastering Layouts: Grids, Display Flex, and Relative Positioning

  5. Elevate Your Design: Animation, Favicon, and Mobile View Mastery

  6. Wrapping Up: Your Journey into Design and Copywriting!

Who This Course Is for


You'll learn how to write sales pages that make an impact so you could take your career to the next level and get more clients.

Business owners

You'll be able to create a sales page that persuades your audience to buy your product or service, even if you're new to copywriting.


You'll learn the essential marketing skills and audience persuasion techniques that will help you grow as a website designer.

Course Creators

A copywriter and a UI/UX designer who miraculously entered this world together on the exact same day, courtesy of a remarkably lucky mom.
Kateryna Abrosymova image
Kateryna Abrosymova
  • Kaiiax CEO & co-founder

  • Wrote a book "From Reads To Leads"
  • 10+ years in content marketing
  • Helped dozens of software companies achieve impressive results in lead generation
Nadiya Abrosymova image
Nadiya Abrosymova
  • Designed multiple effective websites 

  • Has mad skills with Figma and Weflow
  • Worked in top SaaS companies as a lead designer 
  • Authored several courses for UI/UX designers

Let's nail those sales pages

Learn how to write effective copy so you never find yourself staring at a blank page.
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