From Reads To Leads

11 Principles of Writing Content People Will Read And Respond To

A book for copywriters who think like marketers and write like authors. And for their managers, curious why they're not making as many leads with their content as they know they should.

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40 writing exercises
To ramp up your writing skills
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Most books on content marketing offer little new: research your audience, write good content, promote it. But Kateryna's "From Reads to Leads" is refreshingly different , offering a true roadmap to succeeding with content, from developing outlines, to structuring your content the right way and writing to elicit a response (the whole point of content marketing). This is truly a book I will refer to time and time again, whenever I need to write a content piece.

Robin Porter

It was AMAZING! Loved the range of topics that were covered and the progression fit nicely with the overall structure of the content, going from big picture ideas like brand and style down to nitty-gritty tactics like phrases. Personally learned a lot and I plan on continuously coming back to your book to improve my writing.


I was going to skim the book and form an opinion fast but couldn't stop myself from doing exercises, reading chapters multiple times, and taking notes. The size and the structure of the chapters are really good, short, and engaging. You can't put the book down until you finish one.

Dana Yatsenko

What's inside?

11 principles of writing content that moves the sales needle.
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Content is for the reader
Learn some effective approaches on how to understand what your readers need and how to write content that appeals to them.
Getting a response is the whole point of writing
Discover what makes people take action and how to write content that moves readers down the marketing funnel.
Have a message and make a point
Figure out your key message and learn how to communicate it in a persuasive way to take your readers to the next stage of their journey.
Structure lets people understand the world
Master coherence in writing, learn how to structure your content, discover how to apply the hero’s journey to turn your blog post into an engaging and emotional narrative.
Your outline must sell the draft
Walk with me through eight easy steps of outlining your content piece before you start writing it. An outline is a great way to beat writer's block and kill procrastination.
Clarity helps your reader see the value in the content
Find what exactly makes writing clear and simple — a must-have ingredient for content that sells – and learn how to simplify your message.
Style is how you express your brand
Understand why the tone of voice is important in writing and learn how to express your brand’s personality and make your writing recognizable.
Formatting determines what your words look like
Discover how people read online and learn how to improve the readability of your text so your readers stay with you till the end.
Self-edit with the right attitude
Find out how to approach self-editing to make your draft the best it can be and not feel bad about having to kill your darlings.
Collaboration requires accountability
Understand your role in the content writing process, learn how to take responsibility for your own work and how to collaborate with others.
Critique makes you a better writer
Discover a few tips on how to feel calm when your work is ripped to shreds, and how to react to criticism from your client.

People loved "From Reads To Leads"


The book is extremely thorough and I like the tone a loooot. I really like the almost academic nature of it. It comes naturally to me as I got started in science writing.

Caleb Smith

I really wish I had read this book when I started my writing journey. It has detailed explanation that provides foundational knowledge. I believe it would be great for instructors to use. It's like a degree on its own.

Joy Nwankwo

As someone with a communications/writing education, and who has overseen marketing departments for 20 years - I was surprised at not only the quality but that I learned some new things. Great work!

Khya Fellingham

If you are a writer, marketer, website owner, or learning in these fields I would definitely recommend this book. I used this book to teach my employees about content marketing and they’ve learned an invaluable skill to my company.

Parker Chhatwal

I've passed the 1/3 mark in your book and have to tell you I am loving it. I have been a content creator for many years and this is giving me a whole new perspective on how to get the reader's attention and, moreover, keep it.Wanted to add that if the first 1/3 is this good, can't wait to read the rest.

Allyson Koekhoven

Kate did an excellent job in putting this book together. Full of value bombs from page 1 until the last chapter. She gave a detailed explanation to every topic and showed practical scenarios that even a grader could clearly understand. Truly a great guide for novice and professional content writers. Keep writing, Kate!

Jessica Sy

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