What Is Copywriting? 15 Questions & Answers About Copywriting

What Is Copywriting? 15 Questions & Answers About Copywriting

Wonder what copywriting is? What do copywriters do? How do they get paid? How do you become a copywriter? Is it a good career? Get all the answers about copywriting in this article.

Are you new to copywriting? Wondering what copywriting is, how to learn it, how much you can make as a copywriter, and how to get first copywriting gig? Stay with me. In this blog post I'm going to answer 15 questions about copywriting. Ready to get started?

Let's go!

1. What is copywriting?

To sell a product or a service, a business needs to spread a persuasive message to their audience. The act of writing this message is copywriting. Copywriting is an essential element of marketing, advertising and sales. Essentially, it’s persuasion in writing. 

Copy needs to inspire people to take action which could be making a purchase, booking a class, clicking on a link, making a donation.

Writing copy that makes people act is both art and science. It's one of the most powerful skills you can have. 

2. What are examples of copywriting?

You can see examples of copywriting everywhere: in your Facebook news feed, in your email inbox, in a local newspaper, on a billboard on your way to work. Copywriting can be found online, in print, on TV, on the radio, even in book stores – it's everywhere. If you want to see examples of great copywriting, follow me on Instagram. Every week I share screenshots of great copywriting examples that I find on the internet.

3. What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is about writing copy that targets specific keywords. For example, if you need to write a sales page that is supposed to attract traffic from Google, you need to pick out a keyword that you want to target with this copy so that when a person is searching for this keyword, they could find your sales page. 

4. What exactly does a copywriter do?

A copywriter is a master of copy. They write copy for websites, landing pages, Facebook ads, emails, social media with a purpose to convince people to take action: sign up for a newsletter, register for a webinar, make a purchase. But copywriting isn't the only thing that copywriters do. Their other activities include:

  • Building marketing funnels 
  • Developing communication strategies
  • Interviewing customers and experts
  • Doing research
  • Designing sales pages 
  • Setting up email sequences

And more.

If you want to learn about what copywriters do in more detail, check out my blog post: What Does a Copywriter Do?

5. What is the difference between a copywriter and a content writer?

Copywriters write copy that sells. Content writers create content that inspires, educates, entertains, or informs. Content writers are usually hired to create long-form content such as blog articles, ebooks, whitepapers, and case studies. Copywriters are hired to create copy for sales pages, emails, ads, and other marketing materials designed to sell products or service.

Learn more: Copywriter vs Content Writer, Technical Writer, Blogger, UX Writer and More: Who to Hire?

6. What skills do you need to be a copywriter?

I'd say the following 7:

  • Writing
  • Research
  • Creative thinking
  • Analytical thinking
  • Visual thinking
  • Effective communication 
  • Marketing

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7. How do copywriters get paid?

Copywriters can get paid differently depending on the industry they work at, their experience level, the country they live in, and how they charge (per hour, per project, or per word). 

A new copywriter could make $25 per hour, or about 10 cents per word. I would not suggest that you charge per word for copywriting, though. Charging per word reduces your creative value.

You can charge per word for writing content such as blog posts. But if you're working on creating copy for a sales page for example, I would recommend that you charge a fixed price per project. To define that fixed price, try to list all the activities that go into writing a sale page and how much time you spend on each of these activities. Then, multiply hours by your hourly rate ($25, $35, $50, it's up to you), and you'll get your fixed price.

8. Can copywriting make you rich?

I believe that anything can make you rich if you're willing to put in the effort. A great thing about copywriting is that it can be a side hustle, a full-time job, or a business. At the start of your career you need to be focusing on learning how to do your job really well, because if you're great at what you do, money will follow.

9. Is copywriting a good career?

In my opinion, copywriting is a great career! Why? Look:

  • Every business needs it
  • It allows you to express your creative side
  • You don't need to be fixed to one place if you're a copywriter, and can travel full time
  • You set your own schedule
  • Working as a copywriter equips you with valuable skillset of being able to sell anything to anyone

Watch my YouTube video: Why Copywriting Is a Great Career

10. Are copywriters in demand?

Great copywriters are in high demand and always will be. Every business needs to craft copy for their websites, landing pages, product descriptions, sales emails, ads. They need copywriters because copywriting directly impacts a businesses revenue. 

11. Can anyone become a copywriter?

I'd say copywriting is a better fit for people with degrees in Journalism, Marketing, Languages or Communications. But you don't necessarily need to have a degree in those fields to become a copywriter. Anyone can become one. All you need is love for writing and willingness to learn the craft. 

12. Is copywriting hard to learn?

It's not easy to learn copywriting. It takes a lot of hard work, experimentation, and dedication. Learning copywriting rules isn't that hard, what's hard is understanding the market and the customer. This requires years of experience.

13. How long does it take to get good at copywriting?

You can learn basic rules in like three months, but getting really good might take a lifetime.

14. Where can I practice copywriting?

I'd suggest that you check out some courses first. There are a ton of them on the internet. My recommendation is 10X Sales Pages by Copy Hackers. It's very practical, it gives you a bunch of handy guides and tutorials and it's really worth it. 

You can also practice copywriting by enrolling on internship programs offered by companies looking for copywriters. You can check out those on some popular job sites in your country.

And you can also get my book From Reads to Leads. It has 40 copywriting exercises that come with every chapter to ramp up your writing skills.

15. How do I become a copywriter?

  1. Learn copywriting
  2. Build your portfolio 
  3. Find your niche and build your value proposition
  4. Learn how to brand and sell yourself
  5. Get small-time gigs on websites like Fiverr and Upwork
  6. Land your first client
  7. Don't be afraid to fail.

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