Make High-Quality Content from Zero Knowledge Using ChatGPT

Make High-Quality Content from Zero Knowledge Using ChatGPT

Hey, writer! Struggling to write an article? Let me show you how to use ChatGPT to get the job done.

In this blog post, we'll talk about ChatGPT, OpenAI's new chatbot, and how you can use it to create expertly-made content on topics that you have zero knowledge of. If you haven't tried ChatGPT yet, follow this link to check it out.

Watch it instead:

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Let's say we need to create an article about user-generated content in games. This article is going to target game developers. You are not an expert in game development, and you have very little knowledge of user-generated content. Let's use ChatGPT to discover your story!

Interesting! Let's ask talk more about it.

Since we're targeting game developers, let's ask ChatGPT:

Great! We've got the "Why" section of our blog post! Now let's dive into more details:

Perfect, this sounds like making games with UGC is a costly endeavor. Let's ask a straightforward question:

Almost forgot! We will definitely need examples for this article.

It seems like we've got enough information to write this article. But we might still need something more to make it look like an expert wrote it. Let's see what questions we can ask an expert about this topic so we can add things that AI won't be able to provide!

Great! Finally, let's end this article with some vision for the future.

Sweet! I've just spent a few minutes getting all the info I need to write about something I know next to nothing about. Of course, I still need to work on this article to be able to structure it properly and connect all the dots. But hey! I've automated the most time-consuming part of the writing process – the research! 

Let's now see how ChatGPT handles the creative part:

Good results! But it doesn't sound compelling enough to me...

Perfect! If ChatGPT can write great headlines, I bet it can also write great introductory paragraphs.

Hm…the first sentence sounds a bit boring. Let's fix that!

I'm still not satisfied. Probably because some of the most compelling leads start with a problem.

Okay, it's longer than we need for an intro, but the problem is there! Time to put it all together!

It's mind-blowing how ChatGPT is changing the way we create content. I hope you liked this short demonstration of how you can use AI to research topics and write articles.

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