For Content to Work, People Need to Read It

And for people to read it, you need to focus on getting better at writing. 

My mission is to open the door to career opportunities for more writers by helping them improve their writing skills and knowledge of content marketing.​

From Reads To Leads book cover

My story

I used to be a content writer without any experience...

Today, my YouTube channel has more than 50 video tutorials on copywriting and content marketing. I run a blog and an Instagram account (@fromreadstoleads) where I share my knowledge to empower writers to become top professionals.


When I realized that low-quality content is the main reason why companies get poor results from content marketing, I decided to write a book that teaches writers how to create great content. My book "From Reads To Leads" talks about 11 principles of writing content that can turn a reader into a lead.


When I felt like my job there was done, I left that software development company and co-founded my own business. Kaiiax is a content production and SEO agency. We've helped some of the fastest-growing IT companies develop thoughtful content strategies, set up effective processes, and achieve meaningful results in both traffic and lead generation.


Over the course of three years, the company I worked for didn’t only increase their traffic and leads. It tripled in size. All thanks to new customers that their website brought in.


I started my career as a content writer in 2013 when I got hired to blog for a software development company. Because I was new to the industry and had no previous writing experience, I had a really hard time creating content. I worked long hours trying to write the best content I could, but my efforts didn't bring any marketing results. And right when the company started to doubt the value of blogging, I wrote an article that changed their opinion. Within just a few weeks, that article attracted dozens of leads interested in the company’s services. My efforts finally paid off.