Exercise # 36
Format content for readability

Rewrite the paragraph below to it’s easy to scan and read:

SaaS products have plenty of advantages compared to conventional software from the user’s perspective. First of all, they’re available through a subscription that lowers the barrier to entry and allows more potential customers to purchase them because people are more likely to pay $25 per month than give $500 at a shot. What’s more, the SaaS model provides more flexibility to the customer. With usage-based pricing, the customer only pays more for the product when they receive greater benefit from it. Next, SaaS products are regularly improved, which means users don’t need to buy, install, or update their software by themselves. Another advantage is that people can access SaaS applications from any device and at any time (as long as there’s an internet connection). Last but not least, SaaS applications are already installed and configured in the cloud, so companies don’t need to spend time on software deployment. 

All of these advantages make Software as a Service the best business model today.

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