Why Copywriting Is a Dream Job

Why Copywriting Is a Dream Job

And NOW is the right time to take the jump!

Let's cut to the chase. Here are seven reasons why copywriting is a great career.

Every business needs it. Especially software business

It’s boom time for content writers—practically a gold rush. From food shoppers to entrepreneurs looking for business partners, the internet is full of customers. Companies need content so these customers can find them. This is especially true for software companies. 

Trust me on this one: every company in the software industry markets their business using blogging, newsletters, and social media. Because if they don't, they'll be dead. 

Software companies need copywriters who can explain their products and services in a way that sets them apart from their competitors and helps them attract new clients. This means that as a writer in IT, you'll always have plenty of work.

Watch it instead:

Copywriting is more than "just writing"

Let's be honest, writing tends to be undervalued by many of the people who seek to hire you. Because everyone can write...technically. What’s so hard about that? 

We writers know that’s not true!

Good writing is hard. Writing that sells is much tougher. To be a great writer, you have to “go deep.” You don't only need to understand your topic, your product, and your audience, but also have a grasp of marketing, business, and psychology. A good copywriter is rarely "just a writer." 

Writing is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your skillset. 

It's for the creative souls and brave individuals

Copywriting is about letting your imagination run wild. It's coming up with original ideas, creating meanings, telling stories, and tapping into people’s hearts and minds. It's about being fearless and bold when facing a blank page and using power words that move people to action. It's about creating something from nothing. It's about thinking differently. 

It's much more than having a way with words. 

If you want to be a copywriter, you must be a creative type, but copywriting will make you even more creative. Experimenting with different content formats, communication styles, and copywriting techniques will flex your creative muscles and help you develop your writing skills. You will have a lot of fun working on different projects, meeting new people, and learning new things. And you'll feel fulfilled and inspired when you see your work live. 

It's something robots won't be able to replace

AI can be good at many things, but it will never be good at copywriting. The thing is, robots don't have flesh, bones, and a pumping heart. They can't connect with humans the same way humans can connect to other humans. 

Copywriting is a bit more than throwing words together to sell stuff. It's about understanding people's needs, wants, fears, and motivations. You need empathy to do that. 

Empathy is a copywriting superpower. It allows us to communicate in a way that creates a bond with our audience. Empathy is not something robots can get any time soon. 

There are some things, however, that robots can automate: collecting SEO keywords, writing headlines and short product descriptions, editing – something that doesn't require a lot of thought and creativity and can help writers do their jobs even better.

It's what everybody needs, but only you have

Copywriting is an important business skill. Everybody needs it. No matter what you sell: food, cars, legal consulting services, iron pipes, software – if you can't persuade people to buy your stuff, you're screwed. In fact, many businesses fail because they can't communicate their product's value effectively. 

Everything in business revolves around copywriting. Only think about it: websites, sales scripts, emails, social media captions, product case studies – businesses can't function properly if they don't have a copywriter to turn words into sales. 

Copywriting is a hard skill to nail down. It requires years of training and experience to master. And the good news is, you already have it. Doesn't it make you a superhero?

It's a dream job for people who like to travel

To do your job, all you really need is a laptop. You can work from anywhere: in your cozy home office, in an airplane, on a tropical beach, while on safari, in a coffee shop, on the road – wherever you want! 

Desks can be boring and changing your workplace can only inspire your creativity and productivity. 

Copywriting is a great career choice for digital nomads. You can have a location-independent lifestyle and travel full time. Just make sure you can adjust your schedule to have some overlapping hours with your team. You still need to participate in your marketing meetings and run client calls.

It's where you can start to achieve more

Copywriting is a great career. But it shouldn't necessarily be a lifetime deal. Your talent and creativity multiplied by the skills that you'll get while working as a copywriter can open doors to new opportunities. 

Let me give you some cues. 

You can start a multinational marketing agency like Leo Burnett and David Ogilvy. You can win a great advertising award like Paula Green and Dave Trott. You can become a published author like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Kurt Vonnegut. Oh, and do you know that Frank Zappa also worked as a copywriter before he became a musician? With a background in copywriting your possibilities are endless. 

So...have I persuaded you yet? I bet I did.

Anyway, if you decided to become a copywriter, here is what you should do next:

I'll help you learn how to write and what to do with it.

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