Best Types of Blog Posts to Drive Traffic and Leads

Best Types of Blog Posts to Drive Traffic and Leads

In my experience working with B2B companies, there are five types of blog posts that generate the most traffic and are more likely to convert readers into leads.

Ever wondered what are the most searched for types of content? Read this article to find out!  

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Personal story

I also include case studies and business lessons to this group, even if they aren't really your personal stories, but they do share your company's unique experience. 

Here are a few examples:

  • How I Made a Six-Figure Income by Selling My Courses
  • Why I Left the Company I've Founded
  • How I Grew My App to 1 Million Users

Personal stories are blog posts that talk about your experience achieving something or failing at something and list the lessons you've learned. 

People like reading real-life stories and learning from somebody else's experience. Personal stories are great attention grabbers. Writing them can help you grow your credibility and following because storytelling has an incredible ability to connect people on a deep, emotional level – something we, marketers, value so much, right?

How-to guide

I include here tutorials and checklists because they also explain how to do something. For example:

  • How to Launch a Startup in 30 Days
  • The 3-Step Guide for Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your Small Business
  • Make Your Site Load Faster with This 15-Point Checklist

How-to guides offer a simple step-by-step process for solving a problem or performing a task. They are the most searched for types of blog posts because they offer solutions to people’s problems. When writing this type of blog, showcase your expertise. This will help you establish yourself as an expert on your topic and earn trust from your readers. 

Comparison post

Comparison blog posts compare two or more things such as products, tools, technologies, approaches, careers against each other helping the readers choose the best option. For example:

You know, people tend to compare options before making a decision or a purchase. A comparison post where you share your experience with the product and provide your recommendations helps people make the right choice. These blog posts are perfect for solution-aware readers and can actually turn them into leads right away if your arguments sound convincing. 


Thanks to sites like Buzzfeed, you probably know that listicles are among the most shared content on the internet. And the best thing about listicles is that you can create a list of just about anything. Just think about it: A list of your favorite tools you use for work, a list of cool domain names for a travel website, a list of the best questions to ask a content writer.

Here are a few examples of blog titles: 

  • 7 Habits of Highly Productive People
  • 5 Books Every Business Leader Must Read 
  • 10 Top Challenges When Building a Healthcare Startup

When it comes to writing listicles, the possibilities are endless. Listicles aren't only one of the most digestible types of content, they are also pretty easy to write. Hey, this blog post is a listicle! I've spent like an hour writing it.

Okay, so now here is my final type of blog posts that generates pretty good traffic. Guess what it is?  


Glossary posts are fantastic for SEO purposes. And they can be really helpful for your users. For example, if you're a software development company, some of your potential customers might not have the slightest idea of what all those software development terms mean. You can explain these terms using a glossary. For example, it can be a glossary of software engineering terms, a glossary of software testing terms, a glossary of security terms, and so on. You get the idea.

Research current glossaries and figure out the top-searched terms in your industry. Then make your glossary. You can write like 100 glossary pages in a couple of months and get a nice boost of organic traffic.

To sum up

So there you have it, five types of blogs that work best if you want to grab people's attention, generate traffic, and convert readers into leads:

  1. Personal story
  2. How-to guide
  3. Comparison post
  4. Listicle
  5. Glossary

In your experience, what types of blogs are the most popular among readers? Share your ideas in the comments to my video. Make sure you check out other videos on my channel.

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